The Sims 4: Flop Or Fabulous?

The Sims franchise has finally released its much-anticipated new installment, and hardly anyone knows what to think about it.

Some people love the new game, while others absolutely reject it. All this controversy over The Sims 4 has left it with lukewarm reviews. It’s like when someone has an ugly baby: it’s cute because it’s a baby…but something just isn’t right about it.

Let’s start with the cute stuff. From The Sims 3 to The Sims 4, tons of awesome improvements have been made. The Sims themselves no longer have “potato faces” (meaning having a total lack of definition and an overall ugly look), and the graphics style, having gone from the “realistic” style of Sims 3 to something a little more whimsical, has improved significantly. Even more, from the start the game was meant to work well on more low-end computers, as Sims 3 really flopped in that respect. As far as most can tell, the Sims team succeeded.

Furthermore, the new Build Mode has been entirely overhauled from previous installments. Though it’s difficult to adjust to, it cuts down the time spent building houses so the player can get straight to gameplay. Likewise, creating the Sims themselves is much more efficient and fun now. Instead of having to deal with sliders to adjust the configuration of the tip of a Sim’s nose, the player can just grab the nose and move it to how they would like it to be. This greatly expands how many combinations of awesome Sims can be created.

However, a lot of the “cool new features” seem pretty gimmicky. The brand new “emotions” the Sims feel were meant to give the Sims more complex and deeper personalities, but in reality they’re more like tools to use to your advantage in certain gameplay.

The main thing that turned most people away from the game is the total lack of two seemingly basic features that have been in the franchise for over 10 years: toddlers and swimming pools. These are the things long-time “simmers” took for granted, until the news came out that they wouldn’t be a part of the game, and suddenly: uproar.

Despite the game’s setbacks, since its release, it has been fairly well-received. The game can be pretty entertaining with its many quirks and easter eggs, and people are happy for a fresh new Sims game. Only time will tell after more (paid) expansions are released and new features are added if The Sims 4 truly is a success.

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