The Pressures of Being a Senior


“It’ll be easy,” they said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

“It’ll be agonizingly, stressfully, fast,” no one said!

For some students, including myself, the arrival of senior year doesn’t just mean the end of their high school careers but also the unbelievable amount of anxiety-inducing work to not only graduate but also figure out what to do with the rest of your life.

“While trying to juggle all the different assignments from classes on top of trying to apply to colleges I kind of just broke down,” Senior Eliyah Lott said. “At one point it all just kind of became way too much.”

Being a senior isn’t just about counting down the days till graduation -which is 157- but apparently to teachers it’s an excuse to assign projects at separate times and make them all due at the same time.

“This year I have had by far the most amount of projects to do in my classes than any other year,” Senior Allie Dutcher said. “Sleep has become a very rare thing in my life.”

As a senior you’re expected to all of a sudden be able to handle making good grades, participating in all of your last-firsts, retaking SATs/ACTs, applying to colleges, completing community service hours, joining clubs and organizations, creating and maintaining long-lasting friendships and in the end still staying completely sane.

“I somehow managed to hang out with my friends during [Peter Pan] tech rehearsals and finish a major essay and project,” Senior Carl Caver said. “I was exhausted by the end of the week.”

The pressure of wanting to make their parents proud, or just not wanting to be grounded for eternity, is a major motivation for a lot of seniors to deal with the demands of senior year.

“Being in honors classes and a varsity cheerleader, I’m always busy and feeling the pressure to excel in everything,” Senior Mya Barnett said, “Some days I don’t even want to come to school because I just want a break, but I come anyway.”

But at what point do we as seniors have the time to just sit and enjoy our last year without the risk of falling behind?

“Yeah, I still hangout with my friends but at the expense of finishing homework at a decent time of night,” senior Nathan Edling said. “If I was to wait till I had no homework it would be summertime again and we’d all either be leaving for college or too busy preparing for it.”

Although, aside from the nights spent stressing over useless school projects, grades, finishing time sensitive college applications or just stressing over being stressed, I guess there is a hint of fun and excitement in the thought of almost being finished with high school.

“The school year is flying by so fast,” senior Jimmy Gomez said. “And throughout all the work you kind of just find a way to make it fun in order to survive it all.”

Ultimately senior year is the accumulation of the previous three years’ work and lessons and using them to decide what one does for the greater portion of one’s life. No biggie.

But if the pressures experienced this year are just a taste of the ones to be dealt with for the rest of my life… you can count me out.

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