The Importance Of Fine Arts

STEM are four letters that have emerged into an important and valuable focus in the education and occupational fields recently. Science, technology, engineering and math have taken the reigns and become the center of our evolving society. They are analytical, rule driven topics that are directed toward advancing technology. The broad purpose of these subjects is to create the most efficient technologies that will make life easier and longer. Fine arts may not add to the efficiency or quantities of life, but it adds to the quality.

Fine arts are the mind’s escape to creativity. Although they do involve aspects of STEM subjects to educate students about the mechanics of creating art, the arts also allow for something that function equations cannot. It allows for interpretation, but not of a set of rules like STEM. Art, choir, orchestra and band all generally give a template of how to go about a piece of work but the interpretation is ultimately up to the individual; they harness their visions and generate them into art that can be interpreted by others as well. The aspect of individual interpretation allows for one to find their own niche in society. Through art, many people are able to find out more of their personalities and beliefs through practicing skills of originality that the fine arts encourage.

The fine arts at school are found at the end of the hallway as well as the end on a list of priorities. Only one credit of a fine art is required for graduation while four maths, four sciences and one technology class are required. It is not the issue that more STEM credits are required, it’s the idea that the arts aren’t as significant to school boards compared to STEM. The importance of fine arts has been disregarded in schools for its seemingly nonexistent contribution to improving life in the upcoming future of their students. Although fine arts is not appealing to everyone, those who have fallen in love with the concept of the arts can often feel like they will be unsuccessful in the future since they will be going into a field that is not recognized as a real addition to life improvements.

It’s expected of all students to take more STEM classes than arts, even those who do not plan to go into a career involving major components of STEM courses. Fine arts are important to some. If high school is the stepping stone into college, opportunities to take the classes that will contribute to their future should be given. Fine arts contribute to society more than they are generally thought, and they deserve some sort of recognition.

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