The Fault in Our Stars Book Review

Diagnosed with lung cancer as an adolescent, Hazel Grace has fought all her life to be alive. The Fault in Our Stars is about the constant struggle between her failing lungs and her desire to live normally haunting her every waking hour.

As a cancer patient, she attends a group therapy session at the hospital with others living with cancer, and that’s where she meets Augustus.

Augustus is a very handsome and charming boy who came to therapy with his friend Isaac. As the story develops, Hazel Grace and Augustus fall madly in love with each other. The story of their love shows laughter and joy, but also pain and sorrow.

John Green had a very creative mind when it came to writing this book because Hazel Grace and Augustus’s love story is not a cliché one.

Green’s brilliance in depicting every aspect of a true relationship really brings the whole book together. Green tells everything from their happy and exciting adventures, to heart wrenching moments that bring you to tears. Through all of these events, Green conveys that love triumphs all. It cannot take pain away or heal the sick, but it can make the pain bearable. The book puts into perspective the mindset people should have when it comes to relationships. Green emphasizes that effort goes into making them work, and relationships aren’t ever going to be easy. Hazel Grace and Augustus saw each other through their highs and lows, but they still committed to being with one another for as long as time would allow them.

Everyone should read this book. It’s excellently displayed and intriguing to the mind. There are so many different emotions displayed in this book, which keeps things exciting. The plot is unlike any other love story, and it is one of the best books on shelves.

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