The Disease of Hollywood

Sexual harassment has been a plague on society for hundreds of years. It is not a new development of human interaction, but with more people speaking out lately, the issue has taken the limelight. Recent reports have come up accusing many of harassment, stemming from a major department of the entertainment industry—Hollywood.

Solving these problems as a unit of trust in our society can help burn this vile act to the ground.

Many look up to the men in power. People automatically trust those in the workplace, which should be a safe space. But as time goes on, sometimes the powerful realize their ability to persuade, take advantage, and to harm others for their pleasure.

Harvey Weinstein is one of these men, a powerful movie producer with Academy Awards and recognition. He saw his true power and took advantage of what he could do with it. Abusing his power, he sexually harassed numerous women over the decades spanning back to 1984. However, many women revealed this information against him recently, and he was fired from his own company, showing that as a collective group women can be powerful to stop or curb the abuse.

With allegations coming up now, many often ask why people don’t come forward about assault sooner. While this is a good question, we should not simply ask it and expect someone to answer it for us, but instead sympathize with those who are scarred by it. To negate these women of what they’re telling us is furthering this society of abuse, as it all comes from the same place—fear. There is the fear of failure and not being believed. There is fear that those in power can end your career, or stunt your growth from following your dream.

Those in power seem to be able to do anything, isolating people from the outside, making the victim feel alone in the world. Fortunately, women are not alone, and these women coming forward have realized that they are inspiring more to do the same, outing their harasser. This power of mass support is the only way to bring true change.

However, we cannot forget the fact that many men also experience this kind of harassment, even in the entertainment industry. Actor Kevin Spacey, one who has inspired many through captivating performances, has recently been accused of making advances on fellow actor Anthony Rapp in 1986, Rapp being 14 at the time while Spacey was 26. Since Rapp revealed this information on Oct. 24, other men have come out to speak of Spacey’s sexual assault. Hopefully this will inspire more to come out against sexual harassment as a whole.

While analyzing the people responsible for sexual harassment, we must not forget the victims. They found the power to speak up, despite fear and possible backlash. Despite danger, the victims brought consequences and hopefully even an end to an era of sexual harassment.



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