Super Mario Run Coming to iOS


“It’s-a-me, Mario!” is a phrase that many, young and old, remember fondly. That’s why many iPhone-owning Mario fans will be ecstatic to know that the legendary sidescroller will be coming to Apple smart devices sometime this year. Revealed during the Apple Special Event on Sept. 6, Super Mario Run will hit the App Store later this year.

“Every time Mario has encountered a new platform, he has continued running toward a new goal,” the father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto said. “And now, he is running toward his next goal: iPhone.”

As the name Super Mario Run suggests, Mario runs to the right of the screen, automatically jumping over small gaps and certain enemies. The only control the player has in ordinary gameplay is jumping by tapping the screen for varying amounts of time to determine the height of Mario’s jump. Although players will need to utilize fancy tapwork to continue through the game as other mechanics are introduced, such as blocks that change the direction Mario is running, the goal will always remain the same: to collect as many coins as possible and reach the flag at the end.

“You can play while holding onto a handle on the subway, while eating a hamburger, or while eating an apple,” Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America and Japanese-to-English translator Bill Trinen said.

To consecrate Mario’s debut on a new platform, Trinen and Miyamoto introduced one-handed control to the audience. Miyamoto and Trinen also showcased a new battle mode called Toad Rally. In this mode, players challenge opponents worldwide and beat their high score on a stage. Players increase their score by collecting coins and impressing Toads every time they do a daring move. In a similar vein to the Ghost Mode in the Mario Kart series, players will see a Mario sticker representing where their opponent picked up coins and earned Toad fans. The winning Mario will earn the Toad fans as residents for their Mushroom Kingdom, which players can further customize with the coins they have collected.

“We want as many people of all ages to be able to enjoy playing Super Mario Run,” Miyamoto and Trinen said, “and for that reason, we plan on releasing the game at a set price, so you won’t have to worry about continuing to pay.”

Although there is no set release date, Super Mario Run is slated to reach devices in time for the holiday season. For the meantime, a set of Super Mario iMessage stickers were released alongside iOS 10.

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