Steal Leader

A few weeks ago, some UCLA basketball players made a huge and very stupid mistake. They stole from three high end stores in China, one store confirmed to be Louis Vuitton.

One of the players was the second oldest of the well known Ball family, LiAngelo Ball. considered to be the least favored of the Ball brothers, LiAngelo was with the UCLA team to play a game against Georgia Tech when he and two teammates decided to go shoplift. Ball and his teammates were caught in the act by multiple cameras in each store they stole from. Doing such a thing in a country with extremely strict laws and a 99.9 percent conviction rate is beyond stupid, especially when your family owns a successful company that makes waves around the USA.

The Ball family is a well-known, yet mostly disliked, family that is under constant spotlight: rivaled only by the Kardashians. LiAngelo Ball is known as the least popular and least talented of the Ball brothers, yet it seems he has more material things than his siblings. For example, he has the nicest car out of the three brothers which makes his decision to steal even more baffling. This has to be one of the least thought out actions he could have ever done. His family owns a multi-million dollar company in Big Baller Brand that sells overpriced shoes for $345 minimum and he’s stealing? He could have easily taken some money out of his bank account and bought whatever he wanted from that store, or steal from his brother Lonzo’s wallet since he has a large rookie contract with the LA Lakers. It is just a bone-headed choice made from a bone-headed kid in a seemingly bone-headed family.

What made this story even more dramatic and bizarre was the involvement of the United States president Donald Trump. After a chat with the Chinese leader, he got LiAngelo out of that country without any repercussions other than a tarnished reputation. However, in typical Trump fashion, he took Twitter to boast about helping him get out of possible jail time. He stated that he was the reason LiAngelo was back in America and that he deserved a thank you from the former college athlete.

Let that sink in, the president is worried about a thank you from a college student. The leader of a country who is supposed to be focused on foreign policy and actually keeping this broken country together is worried about a thank you. I don’t even stress about a thank you when someone sneezes, and I say “Bless you.” It’s just simply outrageous.

Lavar Ball later shot back at Trump calling him out for being a president who is worried about all the wrong things, and honestly, this is probably the first time I agree with Lavar. This twitter war lasted a couple more days before it finally died down, but it never should have started in the first place. However, it sure was entertaining to see two of the biggest egos go head to head.

UCLA obviously punished LiAngelo for his actions in China by suspending him a number of games, which made Lavar angry. He didn’t blast the university for their actions: he simply pulled his child from the school. Yep, you heard me correctly, Lavar Ball took his child out of a top tier college just because they suspended him a few games for stealing in a foreign country. Now, this isn’t a complete shocker given his track record, mainly how he pulled his youngest son, Lamelo Ball, out of his high school because he believed his coaches “didn’t know how to coach [his] son.”

Since you can’t home school a college student, what is LiAngelo going to do since he isn’t in college anymore? Well, get ready for the NBA draft of course. Lavar Ball clearly believes an NBA team will want a thief and undereducated person on their team with absolutely no college basketball experience at all. I can’t even get on Horn’s basketball team because the coaches don’t believe I have enough experience. So, not only did Lavar screw up Lamelo’s college chances by pulling him from high school and giving him his own signature shoe (which you can’t have if you are going into college) but he helped screw over LiAngelo’s chances of making it to the NBA by pulling him out of college.

This entire scenario is not something I could even dream of due to its over the top nature, unfortunately it happened in real life. This can be a life lesson for all ages. Lesson number one: don’t steal (especially in a foreign country) unless you want to go to jail. Lesson two: don’t let your dad control your life or he might end up screwing it up because of what he believes is good for you. Most of the time, parents help make big choices for you but at some point you have to take control of your destiny and make your own choices in life. And lesson number three: just simply think before you act. None of this would have happened if LaMelo just took the time to think about what he was doing. Hopefully,  this entire fiasco is finally over with but who knows, we are talking about the Ball family.

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