‘Spring Show’ Closes Year For Sweethearts

For their last production of the year, the Scarlet Sweethearts hosted their annual spring show, “Dancing with the Sweethearts,” on April 4-5 in the Linda Horn auditorium.

The show featured several routines, including a Dallas Cowboy’s inspired pom routine, a firefighter dance, a JV routine and a crowd favorite routine featuring music by Tina Turner.

“We worked really hard on the [Tina Turner] opener because that’s everyone’s first impression of our show and [it sets] the tone of it all,” Junior Tarryn Lingle said.

Along with routines, the girls prepared three tributes to Ray Charles, the U.S. Army and Sigfrid Credo. Because of the tragedy that struck the school this past fall, Seniors Maritza Cavazos and Sydney Davis put together a special tribute for Credo that gave the audience an idea of his legacy through their different movements.

“Dancing for Siggy was priceless,” Cavazos said. “Many do tributes for extravagant and honorable people, and Sigfrid was exactly that.”

It is a tradition that after the last show, the new officers for the following school year would be announced. Junior Bria Williams, Junior Bria Runnells and Junior Tarryn Lingle were chosen by Coach Courtney Rosenthal.

“They all have something different to bring to the team,” Coach Courtney Rosenthal said. “ I am ready to see their skills in action.”

There are three different officer positions. Bria Williams was selected as Captain, Tarryn Lingle as First Lieutenant and Bria Runnells as Second Lieutenant.

“I worked really hard and it has been my dream to be a drill officer since I was in the eighth grade,” Lingle said. “When I heard my name, it was an indescribable moment.”

One of the difficult things that the Sweethearts had to face was managing their time between school and practices.

“Trying to balance good grades and drill was really difficult,” Senior Anna Drake said. “We had many early morning practices as well as after school practices.”

With all their hard work and determination, the girls spent many hours making sure the dances were perfect. However, they had to perfect all the dances in only a short period of time.

“To prepare for show, we started learning dances before Christmas break and finished all the dances and cleaned them up before spring break,” Lingle said.

For the senior girls, one of the hardest parts of the show is knowing it’s their last show.

“It was sad doing my last performance,” Davis said. “I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with dance so it might have been my last time dancing.”

Many girls, based on the audience’s reaction, became reassured that their hard work had been worth it in the end.

“The show impacted the audience greatly,” Senior Whitney Honenberger said. “Some said this was the best spring show in years.”

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