Spirit Day Restrictions

As a result of some student’s behavior, restrictions as to what can be worn on spirit days have been enforced.

Dressing up for spirit days is supposed to get the student body involved and pumped-up for the upcoming games. If standardized dress is required on these spirit days, it doesn’t allow the students to get excited or show pride in their school. We should be able to dress up and go all out on spirit days without all of these strict requirements.

It’s understandable to take away the privilege after a handful of students show their immaturity when given the chance to be involved, but that doesn’t represent the entire student body. We should have the opportunity to show that we know how to act appropriately, and only in circumstances where we don’t should that be taken away.

Being strict on the rules for spirit days causes the students to be more of an outcast. We should be able to share creative ideas and participate in the spirit day. This will allow the student body to get involved in activities and be more sociable. I understand that administrators don’t really know what the students are thinking, so they have to make rules that feel reasonable. But when an announcement is made about the limitations for spirit days, I see that students are upset that they are limited in what they can wear.

Honestly, no one wants to wear a t-shirt over a polo. Why wear a polo with a shirt over it when you can just wear a polo? Students don’t want to be hot and uncomfortable just to participate in the spirit day. Since spirit days are only on the days of home games, which we have much less of than previous years, we should be able to go all out and show school spirit on those few days out of the year.

I feel like the only way to satisfy the student body is for the rules on the spirit days to be lifted. Give us a chance, and then take our actions on each spirit day into consideration to see if we have the ability to maintain the maturity needed to keep those rules lifted.

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