Out Of Control

Guns can be used for two things: protection or an instrument of violence and chaos.  Recently, at a concert in Las Vegas, used military grade weapons were used by one person to shoot at a large crowd of fans.

Incidents like this one have become more and more common in today’s world. These weapons have been used for the wrong reasons time and time again. In order to save people’s lives from the dangers of guns should we get rid of them or regulate what type of guns we are able to acquire?

Nobody needs military weapons to protect their families; a simple pistol or shotgun is more than enough protection. Gun control has gone out of control, and the government needs to do something about it to protect people. Whether it is to make the gun laws more strict or to get rid of gun access all together. Something has to be done people should feel safe when they go to concerts, movies, or even something as simple as a party, and especially feel safe going to school for an education. We simply aren’t safe until we get this gun crisis under control.

From January 1 to October 3 there have been 273 shootings in which four or more people have been injured or killed. The deadliest mass shooting since 1949 happened recently, (the Vegas shooting), and four of the top five shootings have happened in the past ten years. Mass shootings have become a serious recurring problem in our society. It is not safe to go anywhere.

As of now, nothing truly game changing has been done to stop these shootings from happening; people would rather spend their time on Twitter arguing about whether or not our president should still be in office. President Trump hasn’t done anything about the situation, instead he’s focusing his time on trying to force professional athletes to stand for the anthem while people are dying from gun-related crimes. Something has to be done before it gets worse; only then can we worry about the petty stuff that is happening in our country.

Some people, especially in Texas, argue that we need to have guns to keep our families safe, and I agree with them to an extent; however, we do not need weapons that are military grade or anywhere close to being that lethal. A pistol can be more than enough when it comes to protecting the average family. Allowing people to get their hands on automatic weapons is crossing the line; no one needs any type of weapon that is capable of killing or injuring a mass of people in a matter of seconds. To be honest, families would be safer without those types of guns. Keeping loved ones safe should be a top priority, not keeping life-threatening weapons on the street.

Not everybody needs to own guns: guns aren’t always the best way to protect your family. The gun laws don’t necessarily have to be abolished, but they should be much more strict. If someone has a questionable past and you hesitate to sell them a gun, chances are they shouldn’t have it. We need to be smarter on who we sell to instead of being biased because he is white or a military veteran, because if one does give it to the wrong person and it is used for a shooting spree, it because of that sellers carelessness. Guns can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, we must make the effort to make sure they never end up in their possession.

Guns need to be better regulated for the safety of the people: they’re supposed to be used to protect, not destroy. Things have gotten out of control and something needs to be done about it soon if we intend to maintain American citizens’ safety.

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