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This year’s administration has decided to stop daily second period announcements, and instead, use other techniques to deliver important information, such as Twitter. Although this idea seems harmless, it causes great confusion and opposition throughout the student body.

Many students at the school do not have a Twitter account, and though it seems fairly simple to make one, some parents don’t allow their child to own social media. Furthermore some students don’t even have a phone because of economic troubles. Also, the students who do have a twitter don’t always check their profiles daily, and even the ones that do check their twitter frequently are still confused. There are so many JHHS twitter accounts that it’s difficult to keep up with the notifications. There’s an account for yearbook, newspaper, every single JHHS sport, senior leaders, theater and that’s just naming a few.

Putting daily announcements mainly on twitter leaves many students in the dark. One example of this confusion is whenever senior quotes for the yearbook were due. Many seniors had no idea that quotes needed to be submitted until the very last minute because there was not a verbal announcement. Most students only check the main JHHS twitter, but this information was posted on the yearbook’s twitter page. On top of that, every teacher received an email to help relay this important information to seniors, but very few teachers notified their students. Out of the eight teachers I have, only one told my class. Honestly, teachers don’t have time to check their email every minute; they have students they need to teach and prepare for important tests, so relying on teachers to deliver announcements is destined for disaster. Yearbook had to extend the due date for senior quotes, which was basically useless, because again students were not aware. All this confusion led to great disdain from the student body.

I went around and asked fellow students if they liked the idea of having no verbal announcements, yes meaning they were for twitter announcements and no meaning they were against twitter announcements:


From this graph, it’s obvious that the majority of students disapprove of announcements on twitter, and would rather hear them daily at school.

Despite the high disapproval rating from the student body, there are teachers who do not like verbal announcements. AP English teacher, Mrs. Charlotte Turner, is one of them. She believes that announcements cut into learning time, which is true. In order to please teachers and students, the school could add more time to second period specifically for announcements. That would be the only time verbal announcements could be announced, instead of surprise five minute announcements during fourth period. Adding a specific time for announcements gives the teachers the same amount of teaching time, while still informing the students of current school news.

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