‘Ultimate’ Club Popularity Soars

Footballs aren’t the only thing Jaguars catch anymore.

This year, with the initiative of Senior Glenn Nipp, an Ultimate Frisbee team has been introduced. The team currently has 10 members and is coached by Casey Guinn, the tennis coach at Terry Middle School.

Ultimate Frisbee, commonly referred to as Ultimate, is a mix between football and soccer. Each team has its own “end zone” that it must defend while attempting to advance into the other teams. Like soccer, the Frisbee is in a continuous movement.

Many people have never been a part of this sport, but with rising popularity, it has slowly emerged into a D-3 sport.

“I don’t think it will become as mainstream as other sports because even in college, it isn’t a UIL sport. There is a lack of referees, and not many people are aware of it,” Nipp said. “Although, I would love to see it become more mainstream.”

Current members wish the team was created sooner. There was an attempt three years ago to create one, but it quickly fell through.

“I wish it was created sooner because it would become more widespread and more people would know about it,” Senior Tommy Willard said.

Since Ultimate is a club sport, there are no official games. However the Ultimate club has joined 11 other area high schools in an Ultimate Frisbee league. Starting March 23, the club will have two games hosted at Los Colinas Polo Club every Saturday until May 4.

“After the games, I expect JHHS to compete at the high school championships in Austin in late May,” Coach Guinn said.

Except this time, someone will be catching a frisbee in the end zone, not a football.

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