Know Your Role

In high school we can refer to the seniors as the grandparents, reminiscing on their high school careers and observing all the lower grade levels. The juniors are the adults, not all the way through but close to graduation, just enjoying the time they have left while still anxious for what’s to come. And the underclassmen are the children. Some are mature and others are just childish, especially the freshmen.

Adults mostly want to hang out with people their age. Even when you’re a teen you don’t want to hang around your younger sibling often. We, the upperclassmen, don’t want any youngsters to follow us around and try to force themselves into our circle. It’s just annoying.

There is a reason that the majority of the upperclassmen say they don’t like freshmen, and because they are usually really annoying and try too hard to move up the social ladder.  Upperclassmen, especially seniors, often look at you and ask themselves, “Wow, was I that childish?”  From making unnecessary comments to butting into conversations that don’t involve your input, you kids can be real pests. We understand that you guys are young and all but please, know your role as a freshman.

Freshmen, you guys don’t have to do a lot to gain our respect. All you have to do is just observe, grow up and not try to force yourselves to “cool” status among upperclassmen. We don’t want to hang around you when you try to show us up, it actually makes us want to you. If you show that you are mature, then we won’t have a problem with you. Being a freshman is bad enough, being an obnoxious freshman just makes matters worse. Know your role, learn how to be a Jaguar and take up our mantle of upperclassmen when it’s your time. Don’t rush it, enjoy being a kid but make sure you mature in the process.

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