King Candy Copyright

Coining items has been a big business for companies ever since Copyright became a thing. Words from all throughout history have become copywritten and trademarked. Mostly, the idea of coining something is just to protect your projects individualism and to prevent others from copying your exact product. But what happens when you go a bit overboard?

King, the creators of the popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga, have recently coined the word “Candy.” Now you may ask how this is bad in anyway, well it is actually quite simple. Most companies who coin words or terms only coin it for video games or shirts, not necessarily the use of the word in an everyday general use. Bethesda, the creators of the Elder Scrolls series, has copyrighted the word “Scroll,” but only for the use of games. Later down the road, when someone makes a game called “Scroll Elders,” Bethesda can easily deny the game its right. However, if someone makes a t-shirt with the word candy on it, King can take profit and even deny them the shirt and take it from them overall, depending on how generous they are feeling at the moment. You can see how this can quickly become a problem, especially since they can easily set an example for every other company to be able to coin words that apply to everyday use and get away with it.

King states that they also want to copyright the word “Saga” as well, just to protect and ensure that candy crush is not ripped off in any way. However, the copyright for Saga applies to only other games and not just anything. This begs the question of whether or not King actually does start a copyright spree of every major business with a foothold in the market.

Overall, King coining candy seems a bit ridiculous. Granted, it never hurts to be safe and people do make cheap knock-offs of a lot of games, but coining the word for everyday use seems a bit controlling and excessive.

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