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“The best part is the final product –– we are at our highest point, show it off, and are recognized for it,” Battalion Logistics and Supply Officer (S4) Kaden Callahan said.

To have its program renewed, John Horn High School’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) it undergoes an annual JROTC Program of Accreditation (JPA) and inspection every third year. This year, the Jaguar Battalion is due for its triennial inspection, so both the JPA and the inspection will take place on campus this year.

“It’s to make sure that we’re doing what the Big Army, the Department of Defense, wants us to do,” Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Burton Jr., Retired said.

Among the aspects tested of Horn’s JROTC is the curriculum. Their teachings must be current and other requirements are met, such as the cadets wearing the correct type of uniform. The cadets are also given test questions to assess their knowledge.

“There are criteria that we must meet for [the inspector] to be confident that we are teaching what we are supposed to teach,” S4 Callahan said.

One of the most important sections that are inspected is the Continuous Improvement Brief. Essentially, the staff members present what plan they have for the next four years to improve one aspect of the Jaguar Battalion. This year’s Continuous Improvement plan is recruitment.

“The Battalion Staff brainstorms how The Jaguar Battalion will refine or change completely to better the battalion,” LTC Burton said. “Our plan this year is to increase the number of first-year cadets at the beginning of every school year.”

Another part of the the Jaguar Battalion that is tested is the Service Learning Project. The entire battalion finds a project that it believes could benefit the community. The project this year, as it has been for the past few years due to its positive results, will be the Special Olympics.

“It makes both the participants and the cadets feel involved and a part of something that’s bigger,” Company Commander Kiara Anders said.

Since JPA assesses the battalion as a whole, the Color Guard is also inspected. Sergeant First Class Tubbs selects a Color Guard to perform a sequence for the JPA inspectors.

“Color Guard works constantly towards competitions,” Battalion Commander Hailey Strange said.

JPA and inspection is the biggest event the Jaguar Battalion undergoes and is a wholistic review of the Jaguar Battalion.

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