IT (2017): The New Classic

           Horror. Horror is a somewhat subjective term to describe scary movies these days. When you first think of horror, what comes to your mind? I’m sure many would say “Nightmare on Elm Street”, or “Friday the Thirteenth”. One of these movies relies on a lot of psychological horrors, and the other is a very physical slasher film. One thing these movies don’t really rely on however, are the characters and their personalities. “IT” somehow brings a fresh breeze into the mainstream horror experience, making it the new classic horror film.

The 2017 rendition of “IT”, is a movie that exceeds in both of these types of horrors, but brings in young characters as a way to relate to the audience, even in sometimes comedic ways.

The original, in all of its 90s glory, accelerates the process in how the characters grow up, spending time with them but not delving deep into what should be human characteristics. The Losers Club is a group of kids who band together to defeat Pennywise once and for all. The Losers Club in the original really fails to bring true interpretations, leaving the only reason of its classic status, to the performance of Tim Curry as IT. In 2017, the actors chosen for their roles mostly knock it out of the park, and the child actors are great in their performances. These characters form a relationship with the audience, helping the audience through the horror with comedic timing and emotional moments. They gave it their all and it shows, building their characters and making everyone excited for Chapter Two to see what happens to them.

Pennywise deserves a slot all on his own. The titular clown is played by Bill Skarsgard in the 2017 reboot, and the casting could not be more perfect. Skarsgard in many ways respects the source material, and strays from copying the great Tim Curry performance in 1990. He finds the silliness in the performance, but still manages to show the edge of Pennywise, making him the creepiest monster in horror history to watch. As he whispers to a child in a storm drain, to slobbering all over a crying child, Skarsgard is the clown of children’s nightmares.

“IT” is not only able to capture the horror of its genre, but also something many didn’t expect it to capture, comedy. Believe it or not, “IT” has many memorable scenes, most being comedic ones. The kids bring in perfect comedic timing and an innocence that is so easily corrupted by this monster they suddenly have to face. You believe their fears, and to see them cope with the audience through the chaos shows charisma at it’s finest, achieving what many horror movies fail to do these days.

To sum up, “IT” brings together elements of horror movies today, and the sheer enjoyment of film, to bring us a new classic. With “IT” already being regarded as one of the best horror of the year, and one of the most successful mainstream horror movies ever, we can surely say that this movie will sustain the power of time, ingrained in horror cinema for decades to come.

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