‘Im in the band’

Mesquite might be your boring, average suburban town, but but that doesn’t mean you can’t find any talent in it?

‘Mellow Doggie’ is an indie jazz band that has acclaimed a lot of recognition in Mesquite. One of the band members happens to go to Horn, the lead guitarist, Senior Manuel Mendiola. The band not only has a song out on Soundcloud called “Comensamos” but they’ve also made a demo called “Foggy Glass.”

“It was my freshman year when I got into a lot of the old school music. My cousin moved in from El Paso, and he was a musician all his life.” Senior Manuel Mendiola said. “But my other cousins and I were beginners, so we were off key.”

The band started playing many gigs in Deep Ellum dating back to 2014-2015. The band was first named “ Closing Walls” at the beginning of Mendiola’s high school years. Mendiola said that they changed their name because their cousins would call each other ‘doggie’ all the time, and they’re also mellow. Of course, Mendiola has discovered the struggle of making music on the move.

“If I wasn’t practicing at least three hours a day, then I’d be emotionally depressed,” Mendiola said. “Teaching myself was rough. I was very insecure, because my parents also took it as a joke.”

The only issue was that his parents never thought music could be his thing. Since Mendiola’s main priority and dedication has always been music, he needed that support from his family.

“My uncles were very supporting, and saw how quickly I was improving so much that they wanted to help, they wanted to be there for me as much as they could” Mendiola said. “I bought my first guitar by selling my Play Station 4 for a cheap guitar with an amp, they saw potential in me.”

Mendiola also lives by the belief that nobody is better than anyone else. His perspective is to be true to what you love as long as you’re happy about it. People make mistakes, it shouldn’t be very important.

“Never question your passion, I know it’s dumb coming from a regular guy but it’s just about being patient,” he said. “Practice whatever it is that you truly admire.”

The band has events and performances in Deep Ellum very soon.
You can  follow @manuelmendiola_ personally to get new updates on upcoming performances for the band.

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