InALUMNIable Rights

It has come to my attention that the school’s alumni are not allowed to attend pep rallies without a parent or guardian present. This has been an ongoing problem for the alumni for a while now. Alumni should be allowed to attend pep rallies without a parent. Many alumni want to come to pep rallies to see old friends, teachers and sometimes younger siblings or even family members.

Recent graduates also like to watch performances and show support for organizations they were once a part of, and pep rallies are a great time for them to do so. It is understandable that our administrators do not want former Horn students to walk around the halls with no rhyme or reason, but if they have never had a record of disrupting the school when they did attend, then they should be let in without any problem.

On another note, many alumni have younger siblings or family members that currently attend Horn, and they want to come back and watch them perform at pep rallies. I understand that the administrators are trying to keep the nonsense in the gym to a minimum, which is why they require alumni to be with a parent when coming to the pep rallies, but putting the restriction in place causes stress for some of the parents who cannot get off work in time to be present at the school function.

Alumni should be allowed to attend a pep rally without a parent or guardian. In order to keep the plan of minimizing immature actions in place, while also pleasing most alumni and the current students who want them there, the rule could be adjusted so that alumni that are 21 years of age or older are allowed to attend a pep rally without a parent present. This will cause a decrease in the amount of upset alumni and parents and will allow students to enjoy time with their family and friends that came to watch their performance.

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