How Does It Feel to Be a Senior?


The best thing about high school isn’t going to school, it’s going to school and being a senior.


A new school year means many new beginnings, however, it also begins the last year of high school for the Class of 2017.


“At first it doesn’t feel any different than the last three years,” Senior Caleb Ho said. “Then you start realizing a lot more of the last-firsts you’ll be having and then it really hits you.”


The last year of high school draws students to different paths. Some students want to make a change in their last year whether it be academically or socially.


“This year I want to enjoy the little things because time has passed by so quickly,” Senior Jon-Marc Carrasco said. “I don’t want to look back and regret not enjoying every moment I had in class and with friends.”


Aside from the excitement of graduation, the senior class is looking forward to enjoying their senior activities and all the clubs and organizations they have been in one last time.


“I’m excited for the Senior Picnic,” Senior Olivia Masengill said. “I’m hoping to hangout with all my friends, eat good food and create a lasting memory with the people I love and have helped me thus far.”


The future is something to look forward to, especially when you reach your senior year of high school and have many decisions to make. However, the memories made are what stand out to a lot of seniors now.


“Honestly. There’s no way I can choose just one memory,” Senior Remya Nair said. “But I think my favorite memory was probably my first ever high school football game and pep rally.”


As graduation begins to approach, the seniors are planning out the course of their futures starting with where they will be attending college next fall.


“I hope to attend Duke University and enter into their Pre-Med program,” Senior Dylan Pfannenstiel said. “Then I hope to follow that by attending their medical school.”


With the Class of 2017 almost out the door, they’ve stepped back in and offered a piece of advice they wish they had received as freshmen.


“I would tell freshman me not to be scared to fail,” Masengill said. “I would tell myself to get more involved because it would’ve helped me get out of my comfort zone and push me to be the outgoing person I try to be now.”

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