Horn Needs to be Wheelchair Accessible


Many students might be wondering why there are posters in the hallways with QR codes to sign-up for a wheelchair experience.


Interior design teacher Amy Barber, along with her two students, Senior Kaylee Sierra and Sophomore Gracie La Santos, came up with the idea to allow students to take to the hallways in wheelchairs as a way to raise money for a wheelchair accessible door at the front entrance of the school.


Barber and her students want to make sure the staff and student body understand their intentions and the reasons why they created this unique fundraiser.


“When I was in the military I was in a training accident, and I was in a wheelchair for six months,” Barber said. “That’s what spawned me wanting to teach it to my students. I know what it’s like to be able-bodied one day and handicapped the next.”


The goal of the campaign is to raise money for a handicapped accessible door at the main entrance that Barber and her students hope will make life easier for the handicapped students, staff and visitors of Horn.


“If we do get the doors, it could benefit special ed teachers who may have trouble getting their kids in and out of the school,” Santos said. “It’s easier on them and it makes things equal: they don’t have to struggle just like we don’t.”


While the wheelchair accessible door would be beneficial to students and staff, it would also benefit anyone handicapped or disabled that may enter the school.


“We would put the door in the front of the school not only for students in wheelchairs, but also for parents and other disabled people,” Sierra said. “We have lots of different events here at our school, so having this door would really help a lot of people.”


While raising money for the handicap accessible door is the goal, Barber explains that there is an even bigger goal at hand.


“I think a big part of the campaign isn’t just raising the money, it’s raising awareness,” Barber said. “It’s about the empathy.”


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