Call of Duty is on its Last Legs


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Since the last couple games released in the series have been disappointments in the multiplayer department, Call of Duty is a brand that is on its last legs. The multiplayer mode has been plagued with horrible weapon balance, a terrible spawn system and a complete lack of an established competitive playlist.

In Call of Duty multiplayer either you are really good with a certain gun, or you constantly use the overpowered. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the majority of players end up using a combination of the grenade launcher attachments with the perk One Man Army, leading to the spamming of grenades across the map.

Call of Duty has developed major problems when designing its spawn system. Most of the time when you kill another player they will spawn directly behind you and then kill you. This leads to many players being turned off of the game before they have a chance to improve and enjoy it.

Call of Duty has many competitive players within its ranks. With that said, most of those players must use outside services such as in order to take part in a truly competitive experience. This leads to many players not being able to play in a competitive atmosphere when they should be. This in turn causes casual game modes to be filled with semi-pro players that ruin the casual feel that some players want.

I understand that Call of Duty is not strictly a multiplayer game and that the campaigns have been decent in recent years. The most notable being Call of Duty: Ghosts, which everyone seemed to love. However campaign is not all that Call of Duty is about. The campaign can be a breaking point for the game but then again so can the multiplayer.

Call of Duty will not survive for much longer if they fail to improve future installments.

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