Ashley Graham’s New Doll


Move over old Barbie dolls, the beautiful, curvy model Ashley Graham, is spreading body positivity by making a Barbie doll modeled after her. Glamour’s Woman of the Year confirmed that the barbie doll’s thighs are touching together. Yes ladies and gentleman, no thigh gaps.

The Cut website states that Graham’s mailbox was filled with messages and emails from many people thanking her for a Barbie doll that looks like them. The body activist explains that she also tried making the doll have cellulite on her legs, but unfortunately the Mattel Company couldn’t do it. The company said it was a “production mistake” so they chose not to do it. Mattel has received had many critiques about their dolls and how they are very thin and an unhealthy image towards society.

“Now they can say ‘That’s my Barbie. I look like that one’,” Graham said.

Graham also reported on Instagram that her doll has a round tummy, hips and arms. She wanted her doll to look exactly like her so she designed it with a sparkly dress and a jean jacket, the same outfit she wore to an opening ceremony for Fashion Week.

“The thighs touching was one way to show young girls that it’s okay for your thighs to touch,” Graham said.

Her goal is to show young girls what body positivity looks like, so they can be proud of their own bodies. The Mattel Company made a collection of Barbies based around body positivity such as petite, curvy and tall dolls as well as dolls with different skin tones and hair types. The collection already came out in mid-January. Graham wasn’t the only one who took part in this new design. Zendaya Coleman, Gabby Douglas, Ava Durvenay and Misty Copeland also created a Barbie modeled after their body type as well.

“Now you can actually look at a Barbie and not think ‘I want to be a Barbie,’” Graham said. “You can look at a Barbie and all of her friends and you can think ‘I am Barbie.’”

It isn’t confirmed yet that the doll will hit the stores, but the 28-year-old model’s goal is to share her doll with every single young girl so they can love themselves in their own skin. If the doll was to hit the market, a two piece bathing suit would come with the doll.

“These women never had a curvy role model growing up who not only looked like them but was also outspoken about what they go through,” Graham said.



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