AHS After Lange

After a seemingly eternal fourth season, the face of the American Horror Story franchise, Jessica Lange, has announced she is leaving from the FX anthology series.

As disappointing as this may be to the religious AHS watchers, like myself, it’s actually almost a blessing in disguise for the franchise. Since the first season of American Horror Story, the series has been steadily losing the interest of viewers. The only season actually worth re-watching is the first season, American Horror Story: Murder House. Therefore, with the departure of the head actress, who is the main reason everyone watches the show, it is a perfect time to end the series and its entirety.

Trying to imagine a season of American Horror Story without Jessica Lange’s dominant presence is like eating cereal without milk: dry and boring. Other main characters like Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are both great members of the cast, but, honestly, without Lange the show won’t ever reach the peak that the talented trio once met.

A well-known American singer is surprisingly springing into the acting scene. The infamous Mother Monster, Lady Gaga, will be a new member of the American Horror Story cast. Gaga will make her debut in the fifth and upcoming season, American Horror Story: Hotel, as a competing lounge singer in the hotel. Being a fan of Lady Gaga, I know she will be an interesting addition to the cast though she, nor Sarah Paulson, will be able to fill the void space that Lange is leaving behind.

American Horror Story: Hotel will have new actors and actresses, which will easily be a hit or miss for the AHS viewers. Personally, I don’t like it because I prefer TV shows to maintain the same members throughout the series. Also, after an extremely disappointing season four this next season has a lot to prove. We’ll see how season five plays out.

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