A First World Response to an Actual Issue


As if this year hasn’t already been hard enough with Hamilton selling out nearly everywhere or having to give my first born child to get tickets from third party sellers for nosebleed seats, now avocado prices have been raised. Spending $1.69 for one avocado when I used to be able to get three for just one dollar is like asking me to cut off my pinky toes… it throws off my entire world’s source of balance. No more morning toast with avocado, afternoon chips and guacamole, or evening tacos topped with avocado. Why’s that? What’s the cause of this influx in price you ask?

Sure, it’s because of the mistreatment of workers that lead to a combination of strikes led by over 500 workers in Mexico and because of the man-created climate crisis that is causing a drought in California, which is hindering any possible growth of the sacred fruit, but the real reason, the most important reason is the one we’re all avoiding.

Californians are hoarding all of the avocados.

I mean come on, they already have gorgeous beaches and Disneyland, do they really need all those avocados? They can’t even pretend that they don’t have them all because I have seen the hundreds of pictures posted of people eating them in their trendy little cafes all over Instagram and Pinterest. Let’s just say I am not happy.

I admit the way packing facilities are paying workers less than one dollar for every two pounds packaged and selling them for more than five dollars is highly unfair, but what’s more unfair is practically having to trade my iPhone 6 for just four avocados.

The drought in California caused by global warming is sad and all but that is no reason to deprive me of my right to avocados.

It seems we disregard major issues by only focusing on how it directly affects our own lives. Maybe instead of being narcissistic and absorbed by our own greed we should take others’ misfortunes into consideration and fight with them for fair pay and a clean and more sustainable environment.

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